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Global Communities Learning Liaisons & Working Group

We are seeking volunteers from each team/department/office to serve in our Learning Liaison Network, trained to answer questions about using this online platform and to encourage learning and sharing with their peers. These Learning Liaisons will be coordinated by the Sr. HR Manager for Learning and will be listed here. Please see our SharePoint Homepage for more details on this Network and its potential benefits, as well as for the opportunity to serve on the organization-wide Working Group on Learning.

Our Platform Partner

Global Communities joined LINGOs – Learning in NGOs – to participate in their learning platform and make these e-learning opportunities available for our staff. LINGOs is a global development capacity-building consortium of over 80 members whose mission is to help these organizations overcome barriers and improve the lives of vulnerable communities using the latest technologies with the help of local and international partners. LINGOs created Last Mile Learning (LML) as its content arm and delivers some of the platform’s content through that organization.

Other Platform Content Partners




Our Larger NGO Learning Community

LINGOs has over 80 members throughout the NGO world, you can check them out here: