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The Global Communities library of online course modules currently targets the following knowledge and skill areas:

Languages – English, French and Spanish

I.T. & Desktop Systems

Professional Effectiveness

Project Management – including PMD Pro

Supervision, Management & Leadership

You can view the complete library of 415 offerings on the Learning Institute’s SharePoint CONNECT homepage, or login to your account here to search or browse over these course modules.

Courses range from 60 minute just-in-time learning modules to multi-hour self-paced modules with exercise to be completed. Different courses are targeted for meeting different learning needs, and some modules can be incorporated into a larger learning path or certificate program.

Each course has it’s own homepage that will provide you with a course description and details so you can pre-assess its usefulness to your specific learning need prior to registration.

This platform is designed as a one-click registration system – i.e., self-enrollment – to get you to your course offering as quickly as possible.

To access a course, log in to the platform under Account Login, on the right hand side of any page. After you log in, a new tab will open in your browser. On this tab, you can search and browse the Global Communities catalog.

When you find a course you are ready to take, click Enroll and you will be given immediate access to the course material.

It’s each staff member’s responsibility to manage their own learning account and to access those offerings that may be of benefit to their professional development goals.